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the trails

where food, yoga, rest & nature meet


our family

It was our dream to step away from city life and create a space in the country; a space for our family and for guests to experience our crafts in a place of peace surrounded by nature. Leaving a successful restaurant and busy yoga studio, we found our piece of heaven here, in Mono, where we have incorporated our businesses in one beautiful landscape.

Chef Jeff has owned and operated both fine dining and casual neighbourhood restaurants in Toronto for almost 20 years. His art is influenced by his training in the United  States and in France, as well as his many years living and working in England and Sweden.

Jill's path in the health and wellness industry started over 20 years ago beginning with a diploma in Shiatsu Therapy, then certification to teach classical Hatha Yoga.  Her studies in Western and Eastern Medical Theory largely influence her teaching and practice of Yoga, as do years of practice, immersions and retreats in the styles of Anusara Yoga and Hatha practices. Jill is most recently practicing & studying Bowspring: a functional movement and therapeutical practice

the trails

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